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We are Sound Designers, Music producers and Audio developers.

We create content for TV, Radio, Advertising, Games, Binaural Podcast, Artificial Intelligence Music, VR, AR, MR.
Immersive Audio, Spatial Audio, 3D Sound and Ambisonics content for truly immersive experiences are our passions.
We develop special mix techniques for head-mounted displays, 3D gadgets, 360 Facebook and YouTube videos, binaural podcasts for Spotify and any other kind of immersive audio experience.
At the forefront of immersive Audio for virtual reality with a creative profile, we have the technical expertise and an end-to-end process pipeline to deliver 3D positional audio production, post-production and delivery.
Creation, development, recording, mastering, mixing, on-air expertise, musical knowledge, innovation.
This is Lucha Libre Audio Berlin.

Factory XR Room


Created by the Berliner design studio NEEEU for the Factory Berlin international innovation community, the “XR Room” is a total immersive experience project.


The environment brings together eight 3D projectors and a 64-speaker system (mounted behind false walls with Ambisonic system) that mix sound and image with physical space without the need for other equipment.


Lucha Libre Audio in partnership with Riverside Studios signs the entire sound project.

XR Room is at Factory Berlin - located in Gorlitzer Park - until December 2019.

Beat the Rhythm


VR Game developed by Narayana Games in Munich with songs created and developed by Lucha Libre Audio Berlin.

The music style is called "GameStep", a mix of Dubstep sounds and game challenges.

Beat the Rhythm preview page on Steam:

Sfear & Stereo 

Spatial Audio examples inside Unity (use headphones).

Each moving Spectrum is one instrument of the song, and you can teleport inside the scene using HTC Vive's controllers.

For the full songs and album -

Dragon Orb

Developed by WaVR - Sweden, Dragon Orb fast-paced VR game that places you in a beautiful environment where you’re tasked with the responsibility to release the Dragons of Reigndar.

All Music and Sound Effects developed by Lucha Libre Audio Berlin.