Billy Mello

Brazilian born music producer and DJ, also known as “ DJ Maestro Billy” in Brazil, he came to Germany in 2015 to pursue new experiences and focus on research and music production for new media.

In Brazil For 15 years, he was the DJ of the TV show “Caldeirão do Huck” aired every Saturday by Brazilian biggest TV network Rede Globo. The show broadcast to the entire Brazilian territory, as well as to 115 countries via Globo International.

In his constant need to enhance and upgrade his production skills, in 2016 Billy specialized in Audio for Video Games and VR through Berklee College of Music.

Nowadays, Billy created Audio for lots of VR experiences all over Europe such as Factory XR Room, Beat the Rhythm, Holodance, Dragon Orb and many more.

MafeBastos - Lucha Libre Audio Berlin

Mafe Bastos

Executive Producer of Lucha Libre Audio Berlin, Mafe is a fast-paced and focused person, always in tune with the client's needs and in pursue of delivering excellence in every job.

Mafe has a background in Marketing, and she worked on companies such as Globosat and GE Capital.

Lucha Libre Audio São Paulo

One of the most creative post-production studios in São Paulo, Brazil, holder of ELEVEN Lions on Cannes Festival 2018, Lucha Libre Audio has clients such as McDonald's, Ambev, Toyota, Perdigāo and Mondelez among others.

Lucha Libre Audio Los Angeles

Captained by Matt Sorum, former drummer of Guns'n'Roses and The Cult, and creator of Velvet Revolver, Lucha Libre Audio Los Angeles offers the possibility of a talent exchange, combining high-quality sound references and style.


Some of the productions have mixing and mastering accompanied by big names in world music, award-winning sound engineers to established artists.